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Ideal Soldier: The Athena Project
A novel by Bryan Fox Jr.

In progress at 103,000 words
Author is currently seeking representation and publication.

A thousand years from now, Nick looks up at a desolate Earth from the moon and is reminded of the horrible consequences of nuclear war. He comes of age under the guidance of his family and is inseparable from his best friend.

Near Jupiter, Ann is treated to a cruel childhood to which she discovers the most fulfilling way to live is to end the lives of others on the blood-soaked battlefield. Her sadistic behavior excels her professionally and condemns her to be a social pariah.

The societies of these two individuals are completely unaware of each others' existence until a freak accident brings them together in what should have been a peaceful union. However, tragedy triggers an all out war to bring Nick and Ann into a hateful rivalry that will not end until the flag one of them fights for is folded up and handed to their loved ones.

Between their struggle is a mysterious humanoid named Athena with plans of her own. When all three of them meet on the battlefield, none of them will be prepared for the consequences of their actions.

© Copyright 2008-2009 Bryan Fox. All Rights Reserved.